Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minute Steak Recipe (chicken fried steak)

My first minute steaks were with our first purchase of grass fed beef (2009). We got some more last fall and so I wanted a good recipe for this super-tenderized steak. I found this one at Schenker Farms.com and it's another tastey and easy one.

I think it's also known as chicken fried steak

6 -1/4" lb. Grass fed Minute Steaks
11/4 cup flour
Black pepper, paprika & garlic salt to taste
2T (Tablespoons) Lard or Cooking Oil (Lard adds more flavor)

Rinse minute steaks well with water. Combine flour and seasoning in a bowl. Melt lard in a cast iron skillet on medium heat. Dredge steaks in flour mixture and lay in skillet. Cook 4 to 5 minutes on each side. Transfer to a serving platter or plate. Serve warm.

Serving Options: After removing minute steaks from skillet, add 2-3T of flour mixture to drippings. Stir to form a thick mixture. Gradually add milk while stirring with a whisk until gravy reaches desired thickness. Add a dash of pepper & serve over steaks.

Suggested Side Dishes: Mashed red potatoes, sliced tomatoes and biscuits with real butter and raw clover honey.


Julia said...

My mouth is watering after reading this recipe. It seems like this minute steak will really only take a minute to make! I love reading up on new recipes on how to prepare grass fed beef. I really want to start ordering Grass Fed Steaks online and was interested in La Cense Beef because I have heard such great things about the quality of their beef. Does anyone have any suggestions on any other sites that offer good quality grass fed beef?

theruhlmans said...

I too had some minute steaks from Schenker Family Farms and made this tonight for dinner and it was AMAZING! My family and I loved it. Thanks for posting!

Curtis said...

Steaks are the easiest to prepare among all meats. Tomorrow, my friends are going to visit my home and I make something special in dinner. I think steak is special for dinner because it is not something that we eat every night.

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