Monday, December 17, 2007

Checkin' in

A few months back the idea of getting organized in the kitchen and partnering with a good cook who was also very interested in getting the duties of the kitchen in order was all I could think about. Well, in the excitement I created this blog and she and I came up with a few ideas for helping each other. I'm embarrassed to say that the excitement and motivation came to a screeching halt (on my end) when, all of a sudden, it seemed my time for this adventure became limited. I apologize, Kelly, and I really hope to get on the ball at the start of the new year.

Today I came across this unique and yummy looking recipe and decided to post it here before it was lost in web world forever. I hope to make it soon! Maybe this will finally be the beginning of many more delicious recipes and great organizational ideas for our kitchens.

Aztec Chocolate Bark
Recipe by Garrett McCord
(his blog - Vanilla Garlic)

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