Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cookie of the week

I've been trying to bake a different cookie recipe every week with the girls. I figure this gives us something fun to do together, encourages them to be interested in cooking/baking and fills our cookie jar at least for a day! (This was not my original idea. I have to give credit to the gal from a Friend to knit with because she inspired me. Thanks!)

A few posts ago I posted the recipe for orange ginger cookies. I used this recipe for my first week of baking cookies and I've actually baked a new cookie every week! Can you believe it? I can't, but it's true! I've decided I better list the recipes from the past weeks in this post and have them for future reference. FYI, the Martha Stewart website has this cookie of the day section and that is where I am finding most of my recipes.

week 1: orange ginger cookies (yummy, but a bit hard because I think I over-baked them. Will have to bake them for less time next time.)

week 2: lime meltaways (these are DELICIOUS! but you have to make sure you continue to mix the dough until it holds together. Mine was very crumbly before I chilled it and I ended up having to mix it--press it together-- with my hands in order for it to actually work. I will try making these again with key limes instead; a much tastier lime, in my opinion.)

week 3: crunchy chocolate chip (this recipe comes from The New Best Recipe cookbook. BTW, I love this cookbook!)

week 4: light chocolate-chunk brownies (I used this recipe because it called for applesauce which we had plenty of. They were yummy but definitely need to thoroughly cool off to taste like a real brownie and not chocolate cake.)

week 5: jumbo oatmeal cookies (these call for coconut and that makes them so much better than just a plain old oatmeal cookie!)

This week: don't know yet!

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