Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner 2008 @ The Miller's

This year I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family. There are 5 of us in my immediate family and we will be having 7 guests. A small number of guests since my parents have traveled south to be with extended family and one of my brother's is hosting dinner at his house for his wife's family. A perfect year to host! Would you agree?

I'm very much looking forward to it, so much so, that I started cooking tonight! Charlie and I can be a bit counter-cultural and this year's Thanksgiving dinner is no exception. Our dinner will not be offering a traditional roasted turkey. No! Instead we decided to make a prime rib roast with all of the traditional Thanksgiving fixin's, of course. I think it's like roasting a turkey because prime rib roast is not a cut of meat that is made often. In fact, it's more of a traditional Christmas meal but since we will be away this year, it's like hitting two birds with one stone. The most exciting part of this beef is that it is grassfed! We can't wait!!!

So, I figured I'd post our menu for the main course because, who knows, this year's dishes may become our new traditional dishes? Next year I'm sure I'll want to remember what I made this year!

Prime Rib Roast - made in a simple and traditional way so as not to serve it undercooked, recipe from The New Best Recipe cookbook.

simple stuffing with mushrooms and sage, Everyday Food, November 2007, pg. 100

mashed potatoes, don't know how I'll dress up the potatoes but will remember to add warm milk because it helps keep the potatoes smooth and rich!

mushroom gravy, from the Instructables webiste

sweet potato casserole, Everyday Food, November 2008, pg. 79

stewed green beans with bacon, Everyday Food, November 2008, pg. 79 (I was considering making cream of asparagus soup, but decided to go with the more traditional green beans instead.)

If you're looking for the perfect stuffing recipe, check these out!
How about butter-pecan sweet potatoes?
With Martha Stewart and her crew, you can never go wrong!!!

basic cranberry sauce, Everyday Food, November 2008, pg. 24

Wishing you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

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